4 Residential Glass Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid After an Installation

After you have replacement windows installed by Golden Glass, it’s natural to want to keep them as spotless and brand new as possible, for as long as possible. However, there are several mistakes that homeowners make that can ruin their windows and cause them to become worn more quickly. If you’re trying to keep your windows in their best condition after window repair or replacement, follow these four key window cleaning tips.

Avoid Cleaning Replacement Windows While Dry

Almost everyone has dusted off their mirror with a dry cloth without thinking about it. However, cleaning your mirror while dry can actually make it more susceptible to future damage. This is because the dust particles on the cloth can scratch and weaken the glass. Over time, this can add up to noticeable damage. Instead, use a moist cloth or duster to clean your window glass effectively without scratching its surface.

Don’t Use Soap

Although you should use a bit of water, never use soap to clean your windows. Generic soap and detergents can harm your glass by damaging its surface coating. Use a cleaner specifically made to clean glass to ensure that it’s gentle enough to clean the glass without eroding the coating on your windowpane. 

Avoid Using Paper Products

Another common window cleaning mistake is to use paper products such as tissues and paper towels. Almost everyone has cleaned a window with one of these in their lifetime, but their crude surface can actually scratch your window’s glass panes and result in a shorter lifespan for your replacement glass. To avoid window repair, use only microfiber towels to dust off your new windows.

Press Gently on the Glass

You may think that cleaning your replacement windows is a no-brainer task, but cleaning your window’s panes and its frame are actually two separate tasks that require two separate approaches. While you can scrub the frame of your window to make sure it shines, the glass panes require a softer approach. Press very gently on the glass while cleaning to make sure you don’t damage it and apply a heavier touch only around the edges of the frame.

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