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Five Things You Need to Know about Glass Handrail Systems

Safety features shouldn’t have to interrupt the sophisticated design of your home. Glass handrail systems are a great way to add security around a stairwell, balcony or patio while maintaining a sleek and modern interior design.  If you’re considering glass handrails for your home, here are five things to consider to help you get the […]

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops are a great way to protect your furniture while adding a design element to your home. Sleek, elegant and available in a wide range of colors and styles, glass table tops can transform the look of a living or dining area instantly. They’re a modern alternative to staining or painting, making […]

What is the Best Thickness for Your Glass Shower Doors?

Installing glass shower doors transforms the look of a bathroom instantly. Whether you’re renovating your whole bath area or just upgrading your shower, replacing your shower curtain will change the look of your space dramatically.  There are nearly endless options to choose from when it comes to glass shower enclosures. Knowing whether you prefer a […]

The Five Most Common Repairs Your Glass Shower Doors Can Need

Glass shower doors are a beautiful, low-maintenance upgrade to your home. High-quality glass shower doors are unlikely to suffer any significant problems or damage when properly installed. However, glass shower doors can have some minor issues with regular use. Here’s our guide to taking care of them yourself – and when you should call a […]

Three Glass Shower Door Options You Need For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are small spaces. Glass shower doors are one of the most popular ways to open up your bathroom – they just feel more sophisticated than shower curtains.  It’s important to note that not all glass is created equally. When installing glass shower doors, here are three options to keep in mind so you can […]

Four Reasons Your Deck or Patio Needs a Glass Handrail System

Whether you’re renovating an existing deck or patio or you just installed a new one, adding a handrail system is essential. Particularly if your household has children, pets or people with disabilities, this safety feature is non-negotiable for keeping everyone safe. Many find themselves unsatisfied with the most common materials used in handrails; wood, for […]