5 Professional Tips for the Best Mirror Placement in Your Home

Mirrors can be very utilitarian, and they’re often found in the same few places throughout a home: the bathroom vanity, the closet doors, and the entryway. However, mirrors can be more than a place to check your teeth before you head out the door. Mirrors are a universally loved way to decorate any space, from a whimsical bedroom to a sleek, modern living room. If you need mirror replacement and you’re looking for the best way to utilize mirrors in your home, here are our five best tips for mirror style and placement.

1. Use natural light

Mirrors are a great tool for opening up your space and making any room look bigger and brighter. Many designers and homeowners use mirrors for this purpose over practical functionality, and it’s highly effective. If you want to let more light into the space, position your mirror opposite a window. Light reflecting off of the glass and back into the room is how mirrors create the illusion of more space, so maximize the amount of light that reflects by utilizing a window in the room. If you don’t have a window in the room, utilize a light fixture instead for a similar effect.

2. Bigger is better

When choosing the perfect mirror for your mirror replacement, try going one size larger than you originally envisioned. Oversized mirrors can help open up the space and maximize impact. It serves as a stunning focal point of any room, continuing the line of vision and expanding the room. If you have a room that’s too small for a large mirror, such as a cramped bathroom, try floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors to heighten the ceiling and make the room feel taller.

3. Complement your furniture

Consider your room’s furnishings when deciding on which mirror to choose. This can include the mirror’s size, shape, and frame style. Contrast sleek and angular furniture with a round mirror to soften the space and provide visual interest. Mix metals with wood, and don’t be afraid of a mirror frame with a patina. If you want to add multiple mirrors to a room, keep them simple so they don’t overwhelm the space, but vary the shapes and sizes. Keep your furniture in mind and play with contrast to find a mirror placement that most enhances the space.

4. Height is key

How high or low you place your mirror can have a drastic effect on the room’s overall appearance. Although you want to bring the eye upward to make your ceilings appear taller, hanging your mirror too high can make the room feel disconnected. Hang your mirror at about eye level, and choose a large mirror, rather than a tall one, to make the room appear grander.

5. Consider what’s being reflected

Although the mirror itself will serve as decor, you still need to take into consideration its basic functionality: reflecting. Position your mirror so that it reflects something that makes you happy or your favorite part of the room. Reflecting a particularly tidy or well-decorated part of the room can be the best choice, or focus on textures such as soft fabrics of a couch or bed. Avoid positioning the mirror so that it reflects any clutter or undesirable features, as this can be detrimental to the mirror’s overall effect on the room.

It can be difficult to find residential mirrors that meet all of your needs for size, style, and function, especially at an affordable price. Luckily, Golden Glass is here to help with custom residential mirror replacement. Whether you’re looking for bathroom vanity mirrors, mirrored closet doors, or floor-to-ceiling mirrors, Golden Glass can provide you with whatever you need to complete your mirror replacement project. We offer a broad range of mirror sizes and edgework options including beveling and polishing. We’ll custom design and fabricate your mirror to your exact specifications, giving you the perfect mirror style to complement your home. To begin designing your custom mirror or to view our mirror replacement options, stop by our Fullerton showroom or give us a call at (800) 64-GLASS and speak with a staff member today.