Answering the Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Tabletops

Glass table tops are an ideal way to protect your furniture and elevate the look of your home. At Golden Glass, our glasswork and glazing contractors have the tools and materials to create custom pieces that work for every style, space and purpose. We’ve answered the four most commonly asked questions about glass table tops to help you decide on a style you’ll love.

How to Choose the Right Thickness for a Glass Tabletop

The glass thickness used in table tops varies substantially; you’ll find table tops that range from 3⁄16 inch to 1/2 inch thick. To determine the thickness that will work best for your table, consider what purpose you want the glass to fulfill. 

Will your glass table top be placed on top of an existing table top to protect it? A 1/4-inch glass style will work just fine.

If your glass table top will be used as the table’s surface, you should opt for a thicker glass. This will ensure the table is strong enough to support whatever is placed on top.

When to Choose a Heavy Glass Tabletop 

Glass styles that are 1/2 to 3/8 inch thick are generally referred to as heavy glass. These glass styles are ideal for dining room or outdoor patio tables, as they’ll be sturdy enough to support a substantial amount of weight.

When to Consider Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, or glass treated with thermal or chemical processes, is about four times stronger than regular (annealed) glass. Because of its durability, tempered glass is commonly used in aquariums, car windows and shower doors.

Should you consider tempered glass for your table top? The answer depends on where your table top will be placed.

If your table will be used outdoors, or if the table top will sit directly on top of the table legs, you’ll want to choose a tempered glass style.

For indoor pieces that will be placed on top of an existing table, a regular annealed glass will be plenty strong enough.

What Types of Edgework You Have to Choose From

At Golden Glass, our contractors can customize your new glass table top with a range of beautiful edgework styles.

A seamed edge has been slightly sanded to remove any sharpness from the edge of the glass for safe handling. While the most affordable option, seamed edges lack polish and are typically reserved for table tops where the edges will be hidden. 

A flat edge will give your table top a refined, minimalistic appearance. This edgework style has a 45-degree slope at the top and the bottom, drawing attention to the thickness of the glass.

A pencil edge has a rounded, shiny finish – similar to a pencil. Pencil edges appear elegant, polished and soft.

A beveled edge has a deep, polished angle that adds a unique and artistic element to a glass table top. 

Since 1984, Golden Glass has fabricated and installed stunning glasswork for residential and commercial projects nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a custom glass table top, double pane windows or glass shower doors, our contractors will create something beautiful for your home. Visit us online or call (800) 64-GLASS  and start your next project today.