Five Glass Shower Doors Myths Easily Proven Wrong

The aesthetic appeal of glass shower doors is obvious – they’re more modern and sophisticated than shower curtains, and they dramatically open up your space. Their superior functionality is another key deciding factor for many homeowners looking for ways to reduce water spillage following a shower. Still, those renovating their homes can have some hesitation when it comes to making an upgrade like glass shower doors. We understand the importance of choosing the right investments to make in your home, which is why we’re clearing up some of the most common misconceptions about glass shower enclosures so you can rest assured you’re making an excellent decision for your home. 

1. They’ll break

Especially for families, safety is a top concern when it comes to glass surfaces. At Golden Glass, we make our glass shower enclosures with heat-resistant, durable tempered glass. In the unlikely event that tempered glass does break, it’s designed to shatter into small, granular chunks rather than sharp pieces, making them less likely to cause injury. 

2. They’re overpriced

When you choose glass shower doors from Golden Glass, you’re making an investment in your home that will improve the value, look and functionality of your home for years to come. Unlike manufacturers that compromise on quality to deceive you with incredibly low prices, Golden Glass supplies excellent quality glass shower doors at reasonable price points that will last.

3. They’ll leak

If your glass shower doors are installed improperly, they’ll do little more than a simple shower curtain to prevent water spillage. Our team manufactures and installs our own frameless glass shower enclosures, so you’ll get an expert team to ensure the stunning new addition to your home is impeccably sealed.

4. They don’t stay clean

Every bathroom requires some regular maintenance to stay clean, but caring for our frameless glass shower enclosures will be the fastest and easiest part of your routine. Without a curtain or pesky metal frame added to the equation, all your frameless glass shower doors ask for is a quick squeegee and to be left open after a shower. These two simple steps eliminate moisture, preventing mold and hard water build-up. 

5. They won’t fit the style of your home

Golden Glass manufactures an extensive selection of glass products so you can find the perfect solution to fit seamlessly into the existing design of your space. We’ll work with you to tailor our glass shower enclosures to fit your unique vision and needs for your home. You’re sure to find the perfect glass solution to complement your space.

At Golden Glass, we know there’s truly no better way to magnify the beauty of your home than with our custom glass installation services. Our expert team of glazing contractors is passionate about finding the best glass for your unique space to maximize its resale value. We’d love to work with you to modernize your bathroom with our dazzling glass shower doors. 

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