Five Things You Need to Know about Glass Handrail Systems

Safety features shouldn’t have to interrupt the sophisticated design of your home. Glass handrail systems are a great way to add security around a stairwell, balcony or patio while maintaining a sleek and modern interior design. 

If you’re considering glass handrails for your home, here are five things to consider to help you get the most out of your home improvement project.

Not All Glass Handrails are the Same

There are three main styles of glass handrails: dadoed, standoff and clamped.

Dadoed handrails feature glass panels secured within a wooden framework. The surrounding frame eliminates the need for clips or other hardware, which gives this style a sleek appearance.

In a standoff glass handrail system, the glass panels are secured to the stairs with steel cylinders called standoffs. Because the panels are fastened directly to the stairs, standoff systems can be frameless. 

Clamped glass handrails use glass clips or posts to mount glass panels to the railing. This style requires more hardware, which can give an industrial look that some love.

Local Safety & Building Codes Can Vary

Handrail systems are a safety feature, so it’s important to check local regulations regarding what materials you can use in your home. For example, you may be required to use tempered glass to ensure your glass handrails are durable and less likely to shatter.

Glass Handrail Systems Need Minimal Maintenance

Wooden handrails require oil, waxing and staining. In contrast, glass handrail systems need minimal maintenance. They won’t fade or splinter with regular use – all they’ll require is the occasional wipe with soap or vinegar to look great.

Different Styles Can Have Different Costs

Like any home improvement project, the cost of a glass handrail system can vary depending on its features. For example, thinner glass will typically be less expensive. This makes styles like dadoed handrails more cost-effective, as their frame allows them to support thinner glass panels.

The hardware used can also change the price of your handrails. As your contractor about different hardware options to help keep your new safety feature within budget. 

The Glazing Contractors You Choose Make All the Difference

When choosing glasswork and glazing contractors, don’t settle for less than the best – especially for an important safety feature like handrails. 

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