Five Ways to Protect and Preserve Your Glass Table Tops

Nothing elevates a living or dining space like a custom glass table top. Custom glasswork gives your furniture a unique, sophisticated look that will spark compliments from everyone who visits your home. To help you get the most out of your investment, use these five tips for protecting and preserving a glass table top.

Place Your Table Outside the Flow of Traffic

When your family is rushing out the door in the morning, they’re more likely to bump into things. Placing a glass table top in a high-traffic area, like your entryway, puts the piece at greater risk of being chipped, scratched or knocked over.

Choosing a location outside the flow of traffic, like your formal dining room, will minimize the risk of damage.

Choose Your Cleaning Products Carefully

Make sure to clean your glass table top with a soft microfiber towel and products made for glass surfaces. Avoid cleaners containing detergents or ammonia, as these can leave a stubborn residue on your table top.

Set Out Coasters or Mats

If the table will be used for dining, having coasters or placement mats available is a great way to protect the glass. Not only will they prevent water rings, but setting drinks and plates on top of softer surfaces will eliminate the risk of scratches.

We recommend having coasters or mats set out before any guests arrive, lest they place their drinks directly on your glass table top on accident.

Avoid Using Your Glass Table Top for Play

While high-quality table tops can be incredibly durable, especially if they’re made from tempered glass, they still aren’t the best fit for children’s play areas. To prevent any damage to your glass table top, avoid letting your little ones bring their toys or crafts into your dining area.

Never Place Hot Items Directly on the Surface

Placing extremely hot items (like a skillet straight out of the oven) can shock glass and cause it to crack. While this is relatively unlikely, it’s a good idea to make a habit of placing hot objects onto a dish towel or mat.

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