Four Reasons Homeowners are Choosing Double-Pane Windows for Residential Window Replacement

If you live in a home more than 10 years old that hasn’t been recently renovated, you likely have single-pane windows throughout your house. Double-pane windows have only become available within the last few years, but they have quickly become the go-to for homeowners across the country due to their many benefits over single-pane windows. If you need residential window replacement any time soon, consider these four factors driving homeowners to choose double-pane windows in record numbers.

1. Less Noise

Double-pane windows consist of two panes of glass with a several-inch space between them that is often filled with an inert gas such as argon. This gas serves many functions, but one of the most beneficial is noise reduction. Compared to single-pane glass, double-pane windows are much more effective at blocking out the sound of traffic and other street noise. While the exact level of noise reduction will depend on the windows and materials you choose, you can expect noise to be reduced by 20 to 50 percent on average. If you live on a busy street, near a flight path, or in any other high-traffic area, double-pane windows can significantly benefit your quality of life through effective noise reduction.

2. Less Condensation

When warm, moist air meets a cold surface, condensation forms. You see this most often in beverages, but it can also happen to your windows. Have you ever noticed fogged-up windows first thing in the morning? This occurs because your temperature-regulated, warm home interior meets the frigid cold of the outside through this thin, single-pane glass window. Double-pane windows offer insulation, which prevents this heat transfer and the resulting fogged windows. Less condensation also means reduced risk of leaks or frozen water around your windows, lessening the chances of needing window repair.

3. Lower Energy Costs

This insulation from double-pane windows also helps reduce your utility bills by dramatically decreasing, if not preventing altogether, heat transfer between the outside and inside of your home. With single-pane windows, warm air can easily escape into the frigid cold outside during winter; conversely, hot summer air outside can creep into your cool, AC-regulated interior. This causes your HVAC unit to work harder to maintain your desired internal temperature, increasing your energy usage and utility bills each month. By investing in double-pane windows for your residential window replacement, you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, but you’ll also reduce your monthly energy costs significantly.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Not only does reducing your HVAC usage save your wallet, but it also saves the environment. Roughly two-thirds of the electricity generated in the United States is generated from the burning of fossil fuels, including residential heating and cooling. By reducing the amount of heat your home needs to generate, you can reduce your carbon emissions and do your part to help the environment.

If you need residential window replacement or window repair, ask your glazing contractors about double-pane windows. At Golden Glass, we can fabricate and install custom double-pane windows perfectly suited to your home’s functional needs, aesthetic style, and budget. Stop by our Fullerton showroom to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff about your residential window replacement, or give us a call at (800) 64-GLASS for a free estimate. You can also fill out our online contact form with any inquiries, and we’ll get back to you right away!