Is Replacement Window Installation Important Before Selling Your Home?

When preparing to sell your home, there are countless tasks and renovations to do to make sure your home is market-ready. One of the most overlooked, yet crucial, of these is replacement double-pane window installation.

Windows play a significant role in the appeal and, therefore, the value of your home, so it’s important to assess the condition of your current windows and whether double-pane window installation is important to do before listing your home for sale.

What is your windows’ current condition?

The first thing to consider when deciding whether you need replacement window installation is the current condition of your windows. Closely examine your current windows and assess whether they open and close easily, whether there’s any visible damage, and whether they let in any drafts or outside noise.

Any of these issues caused by old, worn, or single-pane windows could be unattractive to potential home buyers, reducing the value of your home or increasing the amount of time it sits on the market before it sells. Cracked or damaged windows could also raise a red flag during the home inspection, causing escrow to fall through after you think you’ve received an offer.

Do you want to add value to your home before selling?

In addition to the condition of your windows, it’s important to consider their impact on the overall value of your home. Most home buyers are willing to pay more for homes that have new, upgraded, or more energy-efficient windows because of the level of convenience and comfort they provide.

Upgraded double-pane windows add a level of visual appeal and ease of use that home buyers are willing to pay more for. New windows also improve the home’s security, making it more attractive to buyers.

When potential buyers see that your home’s windows are in excellent condition and have recently been replaced, they are much more likely to be interested in your home and feel confident about making an offer. This not only helps your home sell faster, but it also allows you to increase the asking price and may even encourage a bidding war.

How energy-efficient are your current and replacement windows?

Even if you already have double-pane windows in your home, they may not be as energy-efficient as more modern upgrades. When selling, it’s always best to make any energy efficiency upgrades you can before selling in order to increase the value of the home and help it sell quickly.

Home buyers are especially willing to pay for energy-efficient windows because of the long-term savings they’ll enjoy on future utility bills. By swapping to double-pane windows, you allow your HVAC system to work more efficiently, reducing energy costs for the homeowner. 

This savings encourages prospective home buyers to spend more up-front on the home for energy-efficient benefits. By investing in double-pane window installation before you sell, you can often increase the asking price of your home and see a quick return on investment.

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