Preparing Your Home for Window Repair

If you’re in need of residential window repair or replacement, nothing beats the efficiency and accuracy of professional glazing contractors. Window repair can be a tricky thing to DIY, so it’s always best to choose industry experts. Before the glazing contractors arrive at your home, however, you’ll need to prepare your home for the window repair services. If you have an appointment for window repair or window replacement, follow these steps before your glazing contractors begin the job.


Clear the Area

The glazing contractors will need ample space to complete the job, so you’ll need to clear adequate room around the windows beforehand. Remove any furniture, plants, or area rugs from the window area, and remove any window coverings if it’s safe to do so without risking further damage. Remember that you will likely need to clean up the window area on the exterior of the home as well, so clear any brush, debris, or patio furniture which may be in the way. Clearing the area will not only make your glazing contractors’ job easier, but it will also protect your possessions and ensure they aren’t damaged during the window repair process.

Remove Window Treatments

It’s not just the floor area that needs to be cleared; taking down wall decorations is crucial as well. Discuss with your contractor whether it’s necessary for you to take down any curtains or blinds on the affected window. It may be best to leave them up if there’s a risk for further damage or injury. At the very least, however, you should remove any wall decorations in the area, such as photos. Wall vibrations from the window repair process could cause the items to fall and possibly break, so remove them from the wall and store them in a safe location during the window repair.

Cover Your Furniture

Any furniture in the immediate window area should be moved away, but it’s recommended that you cover all furniture in the room where your glazing contractors will be working. Put down a drop cloth or tarp on the floor near the window, and cover your furniture or fixtures to prevent dust and dirt from collecting on their surfaces. Your contractor may take their own precautions when it comes to covering certain parts of the work area, so discuss this with your glazing contractor beforehand to know what to expect.

Connect with the Project Supervisor

Whenever you’re having window repair or window replacement performed in your home, it’s a good idea to establish a clear line of communication with the project supervisor beforehand. Let them know that you’re more than happy to clear out the area to allow easy access for the workers, and ask any questions you may have regarding what needs to be moved, covered, or accessed. Having clear and open communication will help the project progress as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Taking the time to prepare your home for window repair or replacement services will not only make your glazing contractors appreciative, but it will also help the job to be completed more efficiently. If you need window repair and want a professional and trustworthy glazing contractor, look no further than Golden Glass. We’ve served Orange County homeowners for more than 35 years, with our family-owned headquarters located right in the heart of Fullerton, California. If you’d like to learn more about Golden Glass and our residential architectural glazing services, including professional window repair, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (800) 64-GLASS to speak with a staff member today.