Purchasing a Glass Table Top? Consider These Five Ws First

Custom glasswork is a surefire way to elevate the look and feel of your home. Glass table tops are a great place to start; they’re timeless, lightweight and make any space feel bigger and brighter.

If you’re new to custom fabrication, it can be challenging to know where to start. Below are the five main questions to ask yourself when purchasing a custom glass table top.

Who Will Use Your Glass Table Top?

At Golden Glass, our glass table tops are made from the highest-quality materials available. They’re a beautiful, elegant way to protect an existing table from regular wear and tear.

Glass table tops are built to withstand regular, everyday use. However, they aren’t the best choice for families with very small children. Even the most durable glass materials can break if things are dropped on them, and sharp corners are a safety risk when little ones run afoot.

What Does Your Interior Design Look Like?

The existing design of your home will help you decide on a style for your new glass tabletop. Do you prefer muted, simple colors or a vibrant, bold palette? Is your home filled with soft, round edges or sharp, crisp lines?

Our glasswork and glazing contractors can fabricate glass table tops of virtually any shape, size, design and thickness. We stock dozens of glass varieties in-house, allowing us to produce beautiful custom pieces efficiently.

When Will You Use the Table?

Consider how often you’ll use your glass table top. Will it be used daily as your kitchen table or kept for special occasions? 

Knowing the purpose of your new glass table top will help you and your glazing contractor decide on a suitable design and materials. 

Where Will it be in Your Home?

Glass table tops are a beautiful addition to any room in your home. From nightstands to coffee tables to extravagant dining room showpieces, they elevate whatever space they’re in.

Different shapes and sizes work best for different applications, so knowing where your table will go is essential. Once you’ve decided on a home for your new glass table top, your glasswork contractor can advise a design suitable for your needs.

Why are You Buying a Glass Table Top?

There are several great reasons to purchase a custom glass tabletop for your home. Their elegant, timeless design complements and opens up any space.  They are also lightweight, durable and easy to keep clean, making them perfect for small spaces any busy families.

Ready to start designing your glass table top? Stop by Golden Glass’s Fullerton showroom to browse our stunning selection of glass materials. Our contractors have the tools and expertise to fabricate beautiful, custom glasswork you’ll love. 

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