The Top 5 Glass Shower Door Designs of 2021

The new year often inspires feelings of renewal and a fresh start. With the year 2022 just on the horizon, many people are contemplating what they can do to refresh their life and their surroundings without breaking the bank. One way that many people choose to do this is by upgrading their home and renovating key rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. If you’re renovating your bathroom for the new year, changing out your outdated shower curtain for glass shower doors can transform your space and bring it into the modern day. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further. Here are the top five glass shower door trends of 2021.

5. Framed Glass Shower Enclosures

One of the most consistently popular shower door designs throughout the years is the framed glass shower enclosure. In this style, glass shower doors are held up by an aluminum or steel frame for a solid structure that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, while still allowing for plenty of light to come in. Its practical construction makes it superior to shower curtains for preventing water leakage, and it’s a style that’s been popular for decades that works across all styles of home design.

4. Frosted Glass Shower Enclosures

If you have a shared bathroom or value privacy, frosted glass shower doors are a great choice. They can be incorporated into framed or frameless glass shower enclosures, so you can make them fit any design style you’re seeking. The frosted tempered glass offers a level of opacity that blocks a direct view into the shower while still allowing natural light to penetrate. If you want the sleek style of a glass shower enclosure with the privacy of a shower curtain, frosted glass shower doors offer the best of both worlds. 

3. Partial Glass Shower Enclosures

If you want a more open-concept bathroom, partial glass shower enclosures offer greater accessibility and convenience, as well as affordability. Popular in Europe, the partial glass shower enclosure covers half to three-quarters of the tub while leaving the remaining portion open to the rest of the bathroom. It serves as a partition and blocks spray from the showerhead while not taking up any excess space. Perfect for small bathrooms that have a modern design, ask your glazing contractors about partial glass shower enclosures for your home.

2. Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

The perfect combination of several popular shower door trends, semi-frameless glass shower enclosures are one of the most requested shower door design trends of 2021. They have the strength and stability of a framed glass shower door while maintaining the sleek elegance of a frameless shower door. In this style, there is usually a frame around the exterior of the shower enclosure (against the bathroom walls and along the top and bottom of the doors), but there is no frame between the two glass doors, creating the illusion of one large glass pane. If you’re stuck debating between framed and frameless glass shower doors, semi-frameless may be the perfect glass shower enclosure style for you.

1. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

By far, the number-one most popular shower door design of 2021 is the frameless glass shower enclosure. With sleek and minimalist contemporary designs gaining rapid popularity, more homeowners than ever are requesting frameless shower doors. The all-glass structure doesn’t have any visible metal framing, creating a sleek and luxurious look that will work for all modern interior styles. The epitome of modern design, frameless glass shower doors allow light to flood the entire bathroom and create the illusion of a bigger space. If you want to bring your bathroom to the forefront of 2022 design trends, you can’t go wrong with frameless glass shower enclosures. 

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