Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops are a great way to protect your furniture while adding a design element to your home. Sleek, elegant and available in a wide range of colors and styles, glass table tops can transform the look of a living or dining area instantly. They’re a modern alternative to staining or painting, making any room look bigger and brighter.

A skilled glazing contractor can customize a beautiful glass table top to fit your exact specifications. These three factors will help you design the perfect glass piece for your home.

The Size You’d Like Your Table to Be

At Golden Glass, we custom fabricate all of our glass pieces in-house. No project is too big or small for our contractors – whether you’d like a simple bedside table or an extravagant dining room piece, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Make sure to measure your space beforehand to ensure your new glass table top will fit comfortably in the room you’d like it. If you’re ordering a glass table top for a table you own, you’ll want to measure the surface area of the piece to ensure the glass will align with the edges of the piece.

The Shape of Your Table

If you’re designing a glass table top to go on top of an existing piece of furniture, the shape of the table underneath is an important factor.

Glass table tops are a beautiful way to make your table more durable. Making sure the shape of the glass aligns with the piece underneath will help prevent scratches, chips and other damage. We carry nearly every size and pattern you can imagine, so whether you need a circle, square or more abstract glass table top, we can create a piece that suits your needs.

The Thickness of Your Glass Table Top

The thickness of glass used in table tops is also up to your discretion. You might prefer the enhanced durability of a thicker material. Or, you might like the delicate look of a thinner piece of glass. People commonly choose either a ¼”, ⅜” or ½” thickness for custom glass table tops.

Golden Glass will work with you to create the perfect custom glass table top for your space. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, combining the resources of a large company with the personal attention of a small business. We’ll fabricate each custom piece in-house, ensuring timely delivery and expert installation. Call us today at (800) 644-5277 or contact us online to tell us how we can help with your next home renovation project.