What Are the Best Features of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows?

Your home is your most valuable asset – personally as well as financially. Investing in its comfortability and energy efficiency is one of the best decisions you can make. Better insulation not only benefits you and your family now but drastically raises the potential resale value of your home in the future. Whether you’re completing a total home renovation or simply looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills, finding replacement windows is the ideal place to start. We’ve broken down the top four qualities that make energy-efficient replacement windows an incredible way to improve your home’s insulation.


Modern Window Technology

Investing in energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to save money on your heating and cooling costs. The windows used in Golden Glass glass replacement services are made with cutting-edge technology that will dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your old single-pane windows don’t even come close to providing the energy savings that modern window technology permits. 

Modern energy-efficient windows use spacer systems, low-emissivity glass types and multiple panes of glass to create a perfect seal between the indoors and outdoors. Installing quality replacement windows ensures proper insulation and keeps your energy costs down.

A Smart Spacer System

Spacers are the brackets that hold the panels of your glass against the sash and the frame of your window. They’re critical to creating a proper seal – without spacers, cold or hot air from the outside can make it through your home.

The spacer system also prevents condensation from forming when an improper seal creates temperature changes inside the glass. Condensation can be detrimental, damaging the frame and any insulated coating. They’re an essential part of how modern energy-efficient windows keep your home insulated and comfortable.

Low-E Glass to Stop UV Rays

Low-emissivity glass (also referred to as Low-E glass) is made with an ultraviolet-resistant coating that traps sun rays before they can impact the temperature in your home. 

There are two types of coatings: passive, or “hard coating,” and solar control, or “soft coating.” 

Passive coats use a pyrolytic coating. The coating is heat-fused with the glass to create a bond between the two materials.

Low-E solar control coats are applied using a vacuum method resulting in far lower emissivity. This makes soft coats the ideal choice for high-performing, energy-efficient windows. 

Double and Triple Pane Glass to Prevent Energy Loss

Double pane windows improve your home’s insulation by creating a buffer of air between the two panes of glass. Double pane window installation creates a much better barrier, preventing energy loss and keeping your home’s indoor environment more regulated and comfortable.

Golden Glass has long led the industry in glass replacement services. Our team of glazing contractors will enhance your home’s energy efficiency with our beautiful, modern glass materials and expert glass installation services. 

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