Why Double Pane Windows are Worth the Investment

You’ve probably heard that double pane windows are better than their single pane counterparts. But what do you actually know about them? Are they worth the investment and installation? In this post, we will explore double pane windows and tell you if double pane window installation is worth the money you’ll be investing.

Cut Down on Energy Bills

There are many conflicting reports about double pane windows’ energy efficiency that can be somewhat confusing. One thing is certain, however: double pane windows truly help keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Double pane windows are coated with a thin layer of gas between two sheets of glass. This helps keep the house evenly heated and cooled throughout the year without depending solely on a central heating or cooling system. This also results in lowered energy bills.

Long-Lasting Double Pane Windows

Although you have to spend a little more money upfront, double pane windows will save you money in the long run. 

In addition to energy efficiency, double pane windows are built with more rigid materials to increase safety and reduce breakage. When you choose a double pane window installation, you’re spending a little more money than a single pane, but you’re getting a longer lifespan, which ensures you save more money. 

Protect Your Home with Double Pane Windows

Most homeowners would agree that you can’t put a price on home security, making double pane windows an investment that immediately pays for itself. Double pane windows are made out of a thicker pane of glass, making it harder to break into your house.

In the event of a break-in, the first layer of a double pane window would likely break, alerting you to a potential home invasion. If an invader needs more energy to break in, the chances are that they won’t proceed with entering your home.

Maximize Comfort with Double Pane Window Installation

Homeowners benefit from increased comfortability in a house with double pane windows. Single pane windows quickly change in temperature in fluctuating climates. 

In colder climates, they can get down to 20 or 30 degrees. With double pane windows, they’re not too cold or too hot; they’re just right. 

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