4 Reasons to Consider Glass Handrails

When it comes to renovating your property, many people look forward to choosing countertops and flooring, creating daring combinations that perfectly suit their unique aesthetic. However, few jump for joy at the thought of choosing handrails. It’s an often-overlooked aspect of property development and renovation, but handrails can have a significant impact on the overall design of your property. Orange County residents love Golden Glass’ glass handrail system for its universal appeal and design versatility. From a backyard decking to a central grand staircase, glass handrails can modernize any part of your home and elevate your design within budget. Here are just a few reasons to consider a glass handrail system for your next home renovation.

1. Impressive Durability & Safety

It’s a common misconception that glass handrails are less safe than alternative materials. Although glass has a historic association with fragility, our glass handrail system is made with tempered, point supported glass for the ultimate in safety and durability. They can stand up to the elements at all times of the year, and they help prevent the risk of a fall when used on decks or staircases. The metal frames and glass panels are made with the latest and most innovative technologies, allowing them to remain completely safe for residential and commercial use.

2. Requires Little Maintenance

Our glass handrail system is beloved by homeowners and property developers because of its incredibly low maintenance requirements. While most luxury finishes come with the caveat of higher maintenance, glass handrails can withstand water corrosion, freeze-thaw cracking, color change, and more. Whereas wood handrails can degrade over the course of years due to sun exposure, extreme weather, and other external factors, glass handrail systems offer excellent durability and can be easily cleaned as needed with a simple combination of soap and water.

3. Versatile & Customizable Design

No matter what your decor looks like and no matter where your home is located, glass handrail systems are versatile and customizable, allowing them to suit all interior design styles. If you live in a rural landscape or have a rustic feel to your home, glass handrails offer unobstructed sight to nature outside and create a blend of indoor/outdoor living. For those in urban cityscapes, glass handrails boast a sleek and contemporary design that feels ultra-modern and further elevates your property value. Glass handrail systems with point supported glass is a virtually one-size-fits-all solution that looks entirely unique to every property where they’re placed.

4. Improves Market Value

The versatility and universal aesthetic appeal of glass handrails make them a beloved design choice that improves property value. A glass handrail system offers a sophisticated enhancement to any design, allowing for unobstructed exterior views that will increase the listing price. Glass finishes also help to make any space look bigger than it really is, optimizing the selling potential of the property. If you’re a developer or homeowner looking to secure substantial equity in your property, Golden Glass’ glass handrail system can boost curb appeal and improve market value overall.

If you’re looking to modernize your home or business with glass handrails, glass entrances, replacement windows, or any other glasswork, trust Orange County’s premier architectural glazing contractor, Golden Glass. We remain on the cutting edge of the industry and deliver consistently on-time, high-quality products that will transform any residential or commercial space. If you’re an architect, a developer, or a homeowner looking for window installations or other glasswork installations, give us a call today at (800) 64-GLASS to receive a free quote for your next project.