Four Reasons Your Deck or Patio Needs a Glass Handrail System

Whether you’re renovating an existing deck or patio or you just installed a new one, adding a handrail system is essential. Particularly if your household has children, pets or people with disabilities, this safety feature is non-negotiable for keeping everyone safe.

Many find themselves unsatisfied with the most common materials used in handrails; wood, for example, leads to splinters, and metal can look a bit too sterile. 

Glass handrails are the ideal way to create outdoor areas that are just as secure as they are beautiful. Because glass is so often overlooked when installing handrails, we’ve listed four of our favorite ways a glass handrail system can enhance your deck or patio.

Enhance the View From Your Deck 

Traditional handrail materials, like metal or wood, obstruct your view of the outdoors. Adding a safety feature shouldn’t take away from your view, whether your home overlooks the ocean, the mountains or you’re just trying to keep an eye on the kids.

Because they’re transparent, glass handrail systems give you a beautiful, unobstructed view of your backyard. 

Make Your Patio Feel Lighter and More Spacious 

Glass surfaces are a great way to make any space feel more open and airy, and that extends to your patio. Your deck should feel like a seamless transitionary area from the indoors to the outdoors, and glass handrails are a beautiful way to achieve that.

Add Safety and Privacy With Style

With modern tempered glass, it’s easy to see how glass can be a great material to add safety to your deck or patio.

But what about privacy? Let us explain.

Glass panels are incredibly customizable. Our glass handrail systems can be treated to create an opaque or obscured effect that creates privacy while still allowing the light in. This makes them the perfect solution for urban apartments or other housing areas where your neighbors are fairly close. 

Make Your Safety Features More Durable with Tempered Glass

When adding a safety feature like a handrail system, choosing a material that’s strong enough to break a fall is crucial. Our glass handrail systems are made with tempered glass, which is far more durable than other glass materials. 

Tempered glass is incredibly difficult to break. In the rare event that it does shatter, the tempered glass breaks into dull shards that are far less likely to cause injury. This makes it an ideal material for households concerned about installing glass surfaces where children or pets will play.

When renovating their outdoor spaces, too many homeowners feel they have to choose between beauty and function. Glass handrail systems are perfect for extending the sophisticated style of your home out onto your deck or patio. Golden Glass fabricates beautiful tempered glass materials that are ideal for adding safety and style simultaneously. We’d love to help you transform your home with Golden Glass – give us a call at (800) 64-GLASS or contact us online to get started on your next home renovation project today.