How Are Double-Pane Windows a Better Choice for Your Home?

If you have broken, outdated, or inefficient windows in your home, you may be debating double-pane window replacement. Many homeowners are making the switch to double-pane windows when they need residential window replacement because of their energy efficiency and noise insulation. But before purchasing your new windows, you should know how and why double-pane windows are the best choice for your home, including how they’ve evolved over time, why they’re superior to single-pane windows and the ways in which they’ll benefit your home in the long run.

How Have Double-Pane Windows Evolved?

Windows as we know them today — clear sheets of glass — were introduced to the United States in the 19th century by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. These windows were single-paned and were valued for their affordability above all else. However, a shift to double-pane windows began in the 1920s when owners and builders of skyscrapers in big cities sought a more energy-efficient solution to avoid costly heat loss plaguing these tall buildings. However, despite this shift in preference among commercial property owners, single-pane windows were still the industry standard for single-family homes until the 1950s. Once the energy crisis spiked in the 1960s and 1970s, energy-efficient double-pane windows were made more easily accessible to everyday consumers as the U.S. government ramped up its research into energy-efficient solutions.

What Makes Double-Pane Windows Superior?

Double-pane windows, as the name suggests, are windows with two panes of glass. The panes are typically separated by a pocket of argon gas, which acts as an insulator to reduce heat loss. The insulating benefits of double-pane windows are one of their most significant benefits, and it’s why they’ve become the industry standard in homes and businesses since the mid-20th century. It also allows some room for error, as a crack or break in one pane still leaves another pane intact to protect your home until the second pane can be repaired.

What Are the Benefits of Double-Pane Windows?

Double-pane windows have a long list of benefits that make them preferred by virtually all modern homeowners. Their biggest benefit is the thermal insulation they provide; they keep your home more comfortable during all seasons and prevent significant heat loss, reducing your energy bills and your environmental footprint. If you live in a busy area with distracting outdoor noises such as traffic, noisy residents, extreme weather sounds and even wildlife, double-pane glass will add an extra layer of insulation to reduce these noises and keep your home more peaceful. Finally, in addition to their practical benefits, double-pane windows come in a greater array of style options. You can choose from virtually any size, shape, color, and material for a window that perfectly suits your home’s design.

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