Should You Repair or Replace Your Double Pane Windows?

Although it’s always inconvenient, it’s unfortunately almost inevitable that your windows will crack or break at some point during your homeownership. Whether it’s a particularly vicious storm or a child’s errant baseball, there are many potential causes of a broken double pane window, but only one solution: professional double pane window replacement.

What is double pane window repair?

Repairing a cracked glass pane in your double pane windows is possible, but it’s most often used as a short-term fix. In window repair, your glazing contractors will apply an adhesive between the fractures to turn the pane back into a single sheet that can be re-fitted into the window. Double pane window repair will keep your home better protected in the short term, but double pane window replacement is recommended as a long-term solution to preserve the energy efficiency of double pane glass. 

Why do you need double pane window replacement?

When one (or both) of your panes of glass breaks, it also breaks the seal that makes double pane windows effective. During double pane window installation, the air between the two panes of glass is sucked out of the space between the glass, and an inert gas such as argon or krypton is added. These insert gasses are not as heat-conductive as air, so the double pane windows are more energy-efficient and minimize heat loss. When one pane breaks, this gas escapes, and the heat can once again transfer more easily. Therefore, complete double pane window replacement is necessary to properly restore the full function of your windows. 

Can you DIY double pane window installation?

If your double pane windows have been broken, it’s best to call a professional for expert double pane window replacement or installation. Repairing and replacing double pane windows requires specialized tools and expertise, and performing these tasks incorrectly could lead to more significant damage. Professional glazing contractors can accurately and efficiently perform double pane window replacement so you can get back to the energy efficiency and in-home comfort that you’re used to. Although it may have a higher initial cost than attempting to fix it yourself, a botched or slow DIY job could result in higher repair costs, higher utility bills, and higher stress levels. To guarantee high-quality results, only trust your double pane windows installation to professional glazing contractors such as those at Golden Glass.

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