How Can You Ensure Your Glass Shower Doors Work for You?

Homeowners and property managers looking to modernize their properties are turning to frameless glass shower doors thanks to their sleek, elegant look. They allow natural light to flood the space and make any bathroom look larger and more luxurious versus a shower curtain and tub.

However, if you’re considering installing frameless glass shower enclosures, you need to make sure that they not only look good but also work for you functionally. Before you choose your glass shower doors, consider these four tips to ensure your glass shower doors work for you.

Make Sure the Doors Are Tall Enough

When selecting glass shower doors, it’s important to pay attention to the height of the glass. You want the doors to be tall enough to provide privacy and keep water inside the shower.


If the doors are too low, it could provide privacy issues for taller guests and members of your home. It could also lead to excess water splashing out of the shower and onto the floor, creating an unnecessary mess.


Tall glass shower doors can also create the illusion of taller ceilings. By adding height to the space, you can make the room appear taller and larger, welcome more light into the space, and make your shower appear more luxurious.


Keep Water Off the Bathroom Floor

How many times have you had a soaked bath mat or water puddled around the floor after pushing aside your shower curtain? One of the primary benefits of frameless glass shower enclosures is that they keep water off the bathroom floor and prevent slip hazards and messes.


To ensure that your bathroom stays dry, make sure the glass shower doors are installed properly and adequately sealed. This includes ensuring the doors are fitted snugly against the shower walls and checking for any gaps or openings that could let water escape. If you opt for custom shower door glass from a professional glazing contractor, the doors should fit your shower perfectly and you’ll have no problems with gaps, seals, or potential puddles.


Consider Your Desired Privacy Level

When selecting your shower door glass, it’s important to consider how much privacy you need. If you’re renovating an en-suite that only you or your spouse will use, you may opt for clear glass doors. These doors create a more open and airy bathroom, maximizing any natural light and making the room appear bigger.


If you have a shared bathroom in the home and need more privacy, you can choose textured, frosted, or patterned glass doors. These allow you to have all the functional benefits of frameless glass shower enclosures but with added privacy by obscuring the view from outside the shower.


Maximize Floor Space

Another key factor to consider when selecting glass shower doors is how much floor space you have available. If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to opt for sliding shower doors that don’t take up any additional room. However, if you have plenty of floor space to spare, you may prefer hinged doors that provide easy access to the shower.

If you’re not sure what would work best for your bathroom’s layout or design, your architectural glazing contractor can work with you to create the custom shower door glass that suits your aesthetic and functional needs. At Golden Glass, we work one-on-one with all our customers, providing the personalized service that only a family-run business can supply. We’re the nation’s premier residential architectural glazing contractors, with decades of five-star ratings to attest to our quality craftsmanship. Let Golden Glass help you create the frameless glass shower enclosure that best enhances your home’s style by calling 800-64-GLASS or filling out our online contact form today. One of our team members would be happy to talk you through our services and give you a free quote for your next project.