When to Restore vs Replace Your Glass Window

Gradual window decay is an issue that every person encounters at some point in their life. You’re then faced with the conundrum between deciding whether to restore your glass window or completely replace it. Fullerton and Orange County’s top glazing experts at Golden Glass have you covered! Here are some things to help guide you through your decision making process. 

When to Restore Your Glass Window

Over time, all windows will encounter some issue that will tempt you to replace it. However, there are instances in which the preferable option would be to restore your window rather than replace it. The issue of malfunctioning window parts like broken sashes or molding drip caps in windows is something that can be fixed in a relatively simple manner rendering replacement avoidable. Another common occurrence that many often find themselves in is being in possession of a window whose exterior casing is rotting, cracked or with some sort of damage. While the natural inclination to seeing a window with a damaged frame may be to replace it, that necessarily may not be the solution for every situation. Golden Glass offers custom frames that would be well-suited for any restoration process. 

When to Replace Your Glass Window

There are certain scenarios that would warrant a complete replacement of your window. One of the more obvious instances of when you should consider a replacement is if your current window is leaking water. If your window is suffering from water leakage, it could then lead to other issues within your home which is something you’d want to avoid. Another reason that may spur you to consider a replacement is if the glass of the window is cracked or broken. In such a scenario, you would be justified in your choice to seek a replacement window. It should be noted though that single-pane windows can be fixed at a relatively friendly cost. Golden Glass has been a leading provider of glass replacement in Orange County for over 35 years. If you’re in need of commercial or residential glass replacement, look no further than Golden Glass. 

Deciding whether to restore or replace your window can be a tough decision. But you don’t have to do it alone. Golden Glass offers a diverse lineup of frames and glass for all of your window restoration and installation needs. Our windows and expert contractors are well-suited for both commercial and residential projects. For more information and consultation about the right plan for you, fill out a form or contact us at (714) 449-8989.