Tips for Designing Your Home Office

With the country experiencing an unprecedented shift toward working from home, many people are creating home offices in order to work more efficiently and comfortably. Designing your home office can be a fun task, but it still requires careful consideration in order to ensure that you create an optimal space for full-time working without distractions. If you’re designing your new home office, consider these tips for creating the best remote workstation possible.

Set out a designated space for work

Working from your bed or couch may be fun at first, but it can be difficult to separate work hours from the free time when you remain in the same spot all day. It can also make you feel more lethargic if you remain in the same room day and night, dissolving any work-life balance. Instead, set aside a designated space for work, whether that’s a dedicated room in the house or a desk in the living room. As long as you have a set workstation that you can leave at the end of the workday, you’ll find it easier to separate work hours from off-hours and will more easily unwind at the end of the day.

Choose a comfortable desk and office chair

One of the pros of working from home is that you can fully control your workspace and optimize it for your needs. Most employees have experienced an uncomfortable office chair or cramped desk. Now is the perfect opportunity to choose a desk and chair that are the best fit for you. Dining chairs are fine for a quick meal or two a day, but they won’t be very comfortable after 8 hours of work. Invest in an ergonomically-designed office chair that won’t leave you grumpy and sore at the end of the workday.

Create plenty of storage space

Another necessity for any office is storage. Whether it’s file folders for paperwork, shelves for books, or drawers for miscellaneous supplies, having ample storage space will make your life easier. Organization and efficiency are two qualities that can drastically improve your office space when mastered, so take this opportunity to invest in storage solutions that are customized to your unique workflow.

Get lots of natural light with replacement windows

Another aspect of your home office that can drastically improve your attitude during work is ample natural light. Allowing sunshine to flood your workspace will brighten your day and make it more pleasant to spend 40 hours a week in the same room. If you want to improve the lighting in your new office, replacement windows can get the job done. By choosing the right kind of replacement windows from a window installation expert, you can enjoy a better view and brighter mood that actually improves your productivity and concentration. Add curtains or blinds for better control of the lighting during Zoom calls or afternoon glare. Whatever your situation, window installation experts such as those at Golden Glass can help you get the perfect replacement windows for your new home office.

If you’re in need of window repair or window installation in Orange County, Golden Glass is the nation’s premier residential architectural glazing contractor. We can install everything from replacement windows to patio doors for your new home office; no project is too big or too small. To find out more about our available services or to schedule a free project estimate, give us a call today at (800) 64-GLASS. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you in any way they can.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Glass Shower Doors

Although often underappreciated, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to renovate. Although it may not be where you spend most of your time, its functionality is imperative to your quality of life, and the design can be one of the biggest factors in determining the value of your house. If you’re looking to sell your home for top dollar—or simply upgrade your bathroom for your personal use and enjoyment—installing new and updated glass shower doors is crucial. Here are five tips for choosing the best glass shower doors for your property.

1. Your Budget

Although it isn’t the most fun part of the process, the first and most important thing to consider when doing any remodeling is your budget. What you can reasonably afford will dictate what your options are when renovating. You should never spend more than what you can afford, especially since there are so many luxury finishes available at an affordable rate thanks to modern manufacturing advances. Frameless glass shower doors from Golden Glass are available within virtually every budget, and we’re always happy to provide a free estimate so you can ensure that you’re staying on track with your project finances.

2. Level of Upkeep

Transforming your shower can help you better unwind at the end of the day or start your day on the right foot. It’s a small detail that can have a great impact on your mood and the atmosphere of your home. However, if you choose a material that’s too high-maintenance, your shower doors can actually cause more stress than they’re worth. Frameless shower doors are a low-maintenance option that homeowners love because it eliminates those pesky hard-to-clean areas that can host bacteria, limescale, and other unpleasantries. Choosing a shower door with open ventilation at the top versus a sealed shower door can also help you eliminate extra cleaning time, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your new bathroom.

3. Home Design

As with any interior renovation project, your new glass shower enclosure should match your home’s existing design style. Fortunately, frameless glass shower enclosures are easy to match with virtually any home aesthetic. Choose hardware that matches those of your bathroom cabinets or vanity. Otherwise, the interior tile will be the biggest factor in how your shower matches the rest of your bathroom. Glass shower doors’ sleek and sophisticated appearance will complement virtually any design style.

4. Resale Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home sometime in the future, renovations should always be made with resale value in mind. Modern touches such as frameless glass shower doors are almost always more appealing to buyers than more traditional styles, and so they can increase the resale value of your home. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms of the house that can earn you the most equity with high-quality remodels, so if you’d like to maximize your profits when selling your home, you can’t go wrong installing a glass shower enclosure from Golden Glass.

If you’re a homeowner looking to install new glass shower doors, look no further than the experts at Golden Glass. We’re the nation’s premier residential architectural glazing contractor, with decades of 5-star ratings to attest to our quality craftsmanship. Let Golden Glass help you create the glass shower enclosure that best enhances your home’s style by calling (800) 64-GLASS today. One of our team members would be happy to talk you through our services and give you a free quote for your next project.

double pane window

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Being a homeowner is a unique challenge, as you become responsible for updating every aspect of your property as it becomes needed. It can be difficult to keep track of what needs changing when the telltale signs of disrepair are subtle. A home’s windows can last for upwards of 20 years in mild conditions, so many people take for granted that they’re doing their job properly. However, there are a few subtle signs to look for that indicate it’s time for window repair or replacement.

1. Drafts

One noticeable sign of old windows is a draft. If you can feel the cold from outdoors when you’re next to a closed window, it means that there’s an issue with them, whether that’s poor installation or faulty seals. Drafts can allow heat (or cold) to escape from your home at a rapid pace, increasing utility bills and making your family less comfortable due to fluctuating temperatures. If you notice that part of your house has become drafty, it’s time to call a window repair expert for replacement windows. Modern and double-paned windows, when installed correctly, will seal out any wind or cold for steady climate control in your home.

2. Condensation

If you notice condensation or moisture build-up between window panes, it’s time for new window installation. Double-glazed windows have argon or krypton gas injected between the two panes in order to reduce heat transfer and keep your home better insulated. If you see moisture build-up between the panes, that means that the seal has broken and it’s time to call a window repair expert such as Golden Glass.

3. Excessive Noise

Does the outside traffic seem louder than it did before? You may think it’s your mind playing tricks on you, but faulty windows can cause outside noise levels to increase in your home. Broken seals, decaying frames, and poor installation can all be causes of increased noise levels. If you want to ensure a good night’s sleep once again, consider replacement windows from Golden Glass that feature double panes and exceptional sound control.

4. Difficult to Close or Lock

If your windows are years old or if you live in an extreme climate, you may have difficulty opening, closing, or locking your windows. This is a sure sign that you’re in need of replacement windows. Rusting, rotting, and warping caused by years of weather exposure and age can cause your windows to seize up and become all but impossible to operate. Improper window installation can also cause difficulty, as windows that were not installed correctly tend to have balance issues that prevent smooth opening and closing. If you want to ensure that you’re receiving proper window installation that will keep your home secure, trust the window repair experts at Golden Glass.

5. Decaying Frames

The issue with your windows may not be the window pane itself, but rather the frame surrounding it. Over time, cracks in your window frame may develop. If not caught quickly, these cracks can spread and eventually require you to get replacement windows. Water infiltration can also be a major issue, causing rotting and sagging window frames. If your window frames are chipping and soft to the touch, you’ll need to call a window repair expert immediately for new window installation in order to prevent further property damage and more costly repairs.

Windows are an integral part of your home, and they play a major role in how comfortable you are. From preventing excessive noise to keeping the temperature steady, they work hard to improve your living experience. Investing in new replacement windows for your home is a worthwhile investment that will revolutionize how you experience your home. It can even help drastically reduce your energy costs, saving your wallet and the planet. To find out more about our window installation services, call Golden Glass window repair experts at (800) 64-GLASS. Our team of experts will be happy to help you choose the right windows option for your home and provide a free project quote. 

4 Reasons to Consider Glass Handrails

When it comes to renovating your property, many people look forward to choosing countertops and flooring, creating daring combinations that perfectly suit their unique aesthetic. However, few jump for joy at the thought of choosing handrails. It’s an often-overlooked aspect of property development and renovation, but handrails can have a significant impact on the overall design of your property. Orange County residents love Golden Glass’ glass handrail system for its universal appeal and design versatility. From a backyard decking to a central grand staircase, glass handrails can modernize any part of your home and elevate your design within budget. Here are just a few reasons to consider a glass handrail system for your next home renovation.

1. Impressive Durability & Safety

It’s a common misconception that glass handrails are less safe than alternative materials. Although glass has a historic association with fragility, our glass handrail system is made with tempered, point supported glass for the ultimate in safety and durability. They can stand up to the elements at all times of the year, and they help prevent the risk of a fall when used on decks or staircases. The metal frames and glass panels are made with the latest and most innovative technologies, allowing them to remain completely safe for residential and commercial use.

2. Requires Little Maintenance

Our glass handrail system is beloved by homeowners and property developers because of its incredibly low maintenance requirements. While most luxury finishes come with the caveat of higher maintenance, glass handrails can withstand water corrosion, freeze-thaw cracking, color change, and more. Whereas wood handrails can degrade over the course of years due to sun exposure, extreme weather, and other external factors, glass handrail systems offer excellent durability and can be easily cleaned as needed with a simple combination of soap and water.

3. Versatile & Customizable Design

No matter what your decor looks like and no matter where your home is located, glass handrail systems are versatile and customizable, allowing them to suit all interior design styles. If you live in a rural landscape or have a rustic feel to your home, glass handrails offer unobstructed sight to nature outside and create a blend of indoor/outdoor living. For those in urban cityscapes, glass handrails boast a sleek and contemporary design that feels ultra-modern and further elevates your property value. Glass handrail systems with point supported glass is a virtually one-size-fits-all solution that looks entirely unique to every property where they’re placed.

4. Improves Market Value

The versatility and universal aesthetic appeal of glass handrails make them a beloved design choice that improves property value. A glass handrail system offers a sophisticated enhancement to any design, allowing for unobstructed exterior views that will increase the listing price. Glass finishes also help to make any space look bigger than it really is, optimizing the selling potential of the property. If you’re a developer or homeowner looking to secure substantial equity in your property, Golden Glass’ glass handrail system can boost curb appeal and improve market value overall.

If you’re looking to modernize your home or business with glass handrails, glass entrances, replacement windows, or any other glasswork, trust Orange County’s premier architectural glazing contractor, Golden Glass. We remain on the cutting edge of the industry and deliver consistently on-time, high-quality products that will transform any residential or commercial space. If you’re an architect, a developer, or a homeowner looking for window installations or other glasswork installations, give us a call today at (800) 64-GLASS to receive a free quote for your next project.

custom glass mirror


Mirrors are not only used to look at yourself before heading for work, school, or any type of social event — they’re also a great foundation for improving your household’s aesthetic. At Golden Glass, we can work with you in finding the right mirror design and glass design to fit your home’s aesthetic look. Through our replacement, installation, and repair services, we offer the highest quality service from our experts to ensure your Orange County home looks the way you dreamed. Next time you’re working on a new house project involving glass and mirrors, consider these tips for the optimal mirror aesthetic.


If your household’s entryway is dark or crowded, you can utilize mirrors in your hallway to make it feel more open and inviting, even playing on existing light for an airier effect. Mirrors are a great way to add the illusion of having more space and an excellent way to open up any room, not just your entryway.


When looking to add mirrors to any room, the goal is to enhance the room’s aesthetic by reflecting your favorite elements. The proper placement will not only add a personalized touch to any room but can give the illusion of a bigger space, which comes in handy when working with smaller spaces. If your window has a gorgeous view, place your mirror on the opposite wall so you can get a good view at a different angle. However, you should be careful with any windows facing east and west since the sun can easily reflect towards your mirror. Whether you’re looking to be amazed by the design of your newly remodeled bathroom or bedroom, Golden Glass offers the best mirror installation service that can accommodate any project you’re working on. We’ll custom design and fabricate any type of mirror that fits the foundation of your preferred room.


If you have plants in your home, you’ll want to find the best spot for them to get the proper amount of sunlight. You can utilize your mirrors not only as a way to appreciate their lustrous beauty but as a great tool to direct the sun towards where the plant is placed. Whether you have climbing greenery, or vibrant florals, placing a mirror behind your plant can add drama and the illusion of more lush foliage. This option also allows you to monitor your plant’s growth without disturbing its peace. Whatever your creative heart desires, Golden Glass offers a vast array of mirror options to suit your needs.


If you have a specific portrait or artwork you want to highlight, placing mirrors around your room can be a fun way to echo your unique pieces without compromising space. Golden Glass offers mirror installation services that can help show off your art pieces by drawing eyes to them, and giving them the proper attention they deserve!


No matter the size or shape of your mirrors, you could place them together on your walls to create a unique gallery effect. Whether in your bathroom, bedroom, or any room in your household, having a set of mirrors can help build your room’s aesthetic appeal. At Golden Glass, we offer the best mirror replacement service to help you transform your room into your own personalized house of mirrors.


For those looking to use mirrors as art, try implementing etched or patterned mirrors. Not only are these mirrors nice to look at, but they are also the best option when looking to enhance and reflect abstract colors. 

These are just a few ways you can decorate your home with mirrors, but the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. At Golden Glass, we offer custom mirrors ranging from closet mirrors to bathroom vanity mirrors so you can pick out the right mirror of your dreams for your Orange County Household. We also offer skylight and custom glass handrail services to enhance the interior of your home design — whether its themes are modern, contemporary, or beachy. For more information about our repair and installation services for your glass products and mirrors, call us at (800) 644-5277 to get a free quote or fill out a form for more information on what we have to offer.

Glass vs Acrylic Skylights: What’s Best For You

During the 1980s, acrylic skylights were the definitive skylights for every household. But by the time the 2000s came around, several households shifted to glass skylights, with some commercial businesses still adhering to producing acrylic skylights to consumers interested in the product. Between the two, if you’re a homeowner searching for the right skylight to install in your own home in the future, these tips should help you better understand what each product has to offer:


Typically, regular glass skylights are less expensive compared to their acrylic skylight counterpart. That being said, custom-made glass skylights featuring more intricate personalizations will fall within a varying range of cost, depending on which model you choose to purchase. Be sure to discuss your vision and budget with your glazing professional, and always ask questions when unsure. Our glass experts at Golden Glass are more than happy to assist you in every aspect of your future skylight project. 


Common skylights are made out of acrylic materials that expand over time and contract due to thermal expansion, which also causes its frame gaskets to wear out over time as well. Its acrylic material also brittles the longer homeowner uses it, which then turns the glass into a yellowish appearance.

Glass skylights, on the other hand, contain seals that are under our 5-year warranty, which is not affected by thermal expansion or thermal contraction. Since the material is more resilient than acrylic, this type of skylight can hold more weight than other models and even survive the elements like hail and heavy winds.


Acrylic skylights use technology designed during the 1980s with some higher quality models containing thermal breaks with aluminum frames. The thermals breaks serve as a divider between the interior of the household and the exterior facing the sky outside.

As for glass skylights, its design feature utilizes thermal insulators when compared to its acrylic counterparts. It comes sealed with argon gas between the glass coating for better insulation if you decide to install this product into your household.


When adding a fabulous glass skylight to your home, it only makes sense that you would seek out products backed by some form of warranty. At Golden Glass, for instance, our product warranty varies from 1-5 years, depending on the manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer a 1-year warranty on labor for your peace of mind should any unforeseen issues arise. Like glass skylights, acrylic skylights can also come with a range of varying warranty options or none at all. This is why it’s pertinent when working with any glazing contractor, that they specify the duration and type of warranty you will receive.

At Golden Glass, we help customers determine the best skylight products to install in their household. Our repair and installation services for all other products, like glass doors, mirrors, tabletops, and more, can also benefit your household in having a modern look depending on your aesthetic choices. For more information about our wide selection of products and services, you can visit our Fullerton showroom or call us at (800) 644-5277 to get a free quote.

Why You Should Consider Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower enclosures make for a stylish and durable addition to any residential bathroom. Their modern streamlined appearance and functionality makes them preferable to more antiquated alternatives like shower curtains. If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons as to why you should consider making glass shower doors the newest addition to your bathroom. 

Space and Size

Glass shower enclosures particularly ones that are frameless give the perception of increased space. They can make your bathroom look and feel larger by creating a sense of openness that can feel liberating and free.

Pleasing Aesthetic

Perhaps the most cited reason for many choosing to install glass shower doors is the contemporary aesthetic that they provide to a bathroom. In contrast with dingy shower curtains, glass doors rarely go out of style. A glass shower enclosure can elevate the appearance of any bathroom providing it with a touch of sleekness and moderness.  


An added benefit of glass shower enclosures is their cleanliness. Shower curtains are more prone to attracting mold and bacteria. Having to be concerned about a dirty shower curtain can be a headache and a needless worry. Meanwhile, glass shower doors are easily cleanable only requiring a short segment of time. Simply wipe the glass after using the shower and you’ll be able to maintain its clean and pleasing appearance.

Easy to Maintain

Along similar lines, glass shower enclosures are easily maintainable. A high-quality glass shower door installed by a reliable trusted company like Golden Glass ensures that little future maintenance will be required.

Increased Value

Upgrading to glass shower enclosures can also be financially beneficial. Making a modern addition to your bathroom that improves its appearance and functionality can help raise your house’s value. If you ever decide to place your house on the market, having a stylish bathroom is sure to help to attract more interest.

Golden Glass is continually on the cutting edge of the industry, working with architects and general contractors from the design stages through engineering and installation. We have an excellent lineup of glass shower enclosures that are durable, and aesthetically pleasing, and offer peace of mind with our high-performing products and quality installations. For further consultation about your next project and what Golden Glass can do for you, fill out a form or contact us at (714) 449-8989.

Top 5 Things to Know About Glass Handrail Systems

Glass handrails have become an increasingly popular addition for residential and commercial properties looking to modernize their aesthetic. When implemented well, they can be visually stunning and functionally safe. With Golden Glass being the leading experts in glass handrail supply and installation in Fullerton, and the greater Orange County area, we have come across our fair share of inquiries regarding glass handrails for home design. For your convenience, our glass professionals have provided 5 points to consider when you are ready to implement glass handrails into your residential design. 

Safety and Local Building Codes

Before actually beginning the process of installing glass railing to your property be sure to check your local building codes to see what sort of safety glass is permitted. Two types of glass known for their safety factors are laminated and tempered glass options. Laminated glass is considered one of the strongest glass panel options and when broken, only one side of the glass shatters while the other remains intact. On the other hand, tempered glass, if broken, would shatter into smaller harmless pieces. 

The Various Styles of Glass Railings

There are various glass railing systems that contrast aesthetically and structurally from another. Standoff, dadoed, and clamped glass railing are three prominent systems used. Standoff glass railing is where the glass panels are secured with stainless steel cylinders. Dadoed glass railing is a system where the glass panels are secured from top to bottom within a wooden frame. Meanwhile, with clamped glass railing, the glass panels are secured with glass chips attached to steel or wood posts. Knowing what you want out of your residential glass railing system will assist in deciding which system you choose.

Minimal Required Maintenance 

Glass railing does not require as much maintenance as other handrail systems. However, you’ll want to periodically clean your railing to maintain its stylish appearance. It’ll be best to avoid using any abrasive cleaning materials because of the permanent damage it can cause to materials like stainless steel.

Glass Handrail Systems Cost and Budget

Glass railing can vary in cost depending on the system utilized. A few elements that can factor into a system’s cost are; hardware, construction, and quality of glass to name a few. For example, a dadoed glass railing can be a low-cost option because there’s no required expensive hardware and the process of construction is not as extensive. With systems like standoff glass railing, the quality is usually determined by how much you choose to invest in materials such as stainless steel. Ultimately, glass handrails and banisters are more than just a safety feature; they also offer great architectural enhancements to your home, elevating your overall architecture, and thereupon increasing your home’s value. 

The Glass and Glazing Experts You Choose Matters

No matter what system or materials you choose to utilize, the key to a beautifully designed and safe glass handrail is the company tasked with installing it. To prevent install mistakes, and ensure your home project is in trusted hands, you’ll need an experienced group of professionals who you can rely on to get the job done well. With over 30 years in the industry, Golden Glass has proudly earned the trust of every client and every Orange County household we have had the privilege to work with.

Whenever you are ready to elevate your handrail and banister systems, our expert team based in Fullerton provides unmatched glass handrail installation, repair, and replacement services for commercial and residential projects. If you’re interested in what Golden Glass can do for you, or have any questions regarding our process or services, give us a call at (714) 449-8989, or fill out a form online. We look forward to assisting you!

4 Things You Should Know About Glass Skylights

Glass skylights have become an increasingly enticing option for property owners seeking to liven up their building whilst still maintaining a modern sleek look. Their open design allows for natural light to permeate throughout the building. Any property owner seeking to brighten their building’s atmosphere in a cost-effective manner should view skylights as a viable option. However, before you decide to install one, here are the four things that you should know about glass skylights. 

The Types of Skylights

Ventilating: Ventilating skylights are able to open up to the outside therefore not only providing natural light, but also ventilation. This ventilation can help freshen and cool down certain rooms. Ventilating skylights come in various forms with some able to be manually opened while others are automated.

Fixed: A fixed skylight meanwhile is locked in place and does not open to the outside. While it does not provide any ventilation, it still brings in natural light and helps liven up a room. 

Tubular: The uniquely shaped tubular skylights are smaller than both ventilating and fixed skylights. These are typically used in closed spaces like bathrooms or closets. Tubular skylights can be used to provide a bit of light into smaller rooms. 

Golden Glass offers a diverse selection of glass skylights that are sure to match any room no matter its size or circumstance.  


Glazing skylights is a necessary step towards protecting them from outdoor-related factors like colder weather or heat. Options for glazing include glass and plastic. Of the two, glass is the pricier choice that is more reliable and durable. Meanwhile plastic is the cheaper option that is more prone to degrading over time. 

Consider the Shape

Before installing your skylight it’s best to consider your situation and circumstances. Envision a design that would best fit the area and space where you’re considering installing a skylight. Lastly, also consider the look of the skylight and ensure that it matches the room’s aesthetic.

Installing It

Perhaps the most important step of the entire process is the installation phase. Badly installing your skylight can mean future damages that will prove costly. However if done properly, a skylight can go on for years without maintenance. It’s here where you’ll need a trusted team of professionals like Golden Glass who can capably oversee such projects without any hitch.  

Glass skylights are sure to liven up any property by bringing a bit of the outside world in. The natural light that a glass skylight allows to permeate will brighten even the darkest rooms. For all of your skylight needs, Golden Glass offers unmatched commercial services helping you create and install the design of your dreams. Whether you have a small shop or an awe-inspiring skyscraper, our expert team at Golden Glass are more than up to the task. For further consultation about your next project, fill out a form or contact us at (714) 449-8989.

8 Ways to Integrate Glass in Your Modern Home Design

A creative and elegant glass design can make any house interior stand out. Not only can glass provide a beautiful look, its versatility allows for various architectural approaches. Glass can be effectively incorporated in different manners allowing for owners to truly express their ideal vision of their home. If you do decide that such an aesthetic is for you, here are eight ways to integrate glass in your home design. 

Glass Doors

Glass doors make a great addition to any home for owners looking to brighten up their house’s interior. Whether it’s glass sliding or patio doors, any addition is sure to liven up any room. Golden Glass offers a stunning array of patio doors that are sure to satisfy your needs. 

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures have become an increasingly trendy addition to home bathrooms. Golden Glass’s lineup of shower enclosures provide a modern sleek aesthetic that fits well with any home design.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are a stylish choice that will give any bathroom shower or kitchen backsplash a unique look. Not only do they make for a great design, but mosaic tiles are also resistant to stains and are easy to clean.

Glass Handrails

Glass handrails are a great addition for any homeowner seeking to create a modern aesthetic whilst still prioritizing safety. Golden Glass offers glass handrails that will elevate your home’s design and make you feel even more secure. 

Glass Windows

If you’re a homeowner that wants to invite a bit of the outside world into your house, then glass windows are the way to go. Glass Glass’s wide selection of frames and glass are remarkably reliable and a testament to our superior window craftsmanship.

Glass Furniture 

Filling out a house’s interior is a significant part in creating a comfortable and pleasant home setting. Glass table tops create a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Golden Glass’s lineup of glass table tops are unparalleled in quality and design. Our team custom-makes table tops to best fit your house’s setting. 

Glass Room Dividers

Glass room dividers provide an innovative touch for home settings. Not only do they accentuate moderness, they can also provide homeowners with a sense of privacy allowing them to be more productive. 

Glass Floor

Glass floors can make for a stunning visual and provide homeowners with a practical multi-perspective look for their house. They allow owners to look above and below a room giving them that unique view that only glass floors can provide.

There are endless possibilities for designing a house interior with glass. It’s a sleek and modern material capable of producing beautiful trendy designs. However you decide to integrate glass in your home, Golden Glass is ready to meet all of your design needs and wants. Our experienced professional team offers unrivaled glass repair, replacement, and installation services for commercial and residential projects. For further consultation about what Golden Glass can do you for you, fill out a form or contact us at (714) 449-8989.