Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops are a great way to protect your furniture while adding a design element to your home. Sleek, elegant and available in a wide range of colors and styles, glass table tops can transform the look of a living or dining area instantly. They’re a modern alternative to staining or painting, making any room look bigger and brighter.

A skilled glazing contractor can customize a beautiful glass table top to fit your exact specifications. These three factors will help you design the perfect glass piece for your home.

The Size You’d Like Your Table to Be

At Golden Glass, we custom fabricate all of our glass pieces in-house. No project is too big or small for our contractors – whether you’d like a simple bedside table or an extravagant dining room piece, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Make sure to measure your space beforehand to ensure your new glass table top will fit comfortably in the room you’d like it. If you’re ordering a glass table top for a table you own, you’ll want to measure the surface area of the piece to ensure the glass will align with the edges of the piece.

The Shape of Your Table

If you’re designing a glass table top to go on top of an existing piece of furniture, the shape of the table underneath is an important factor.

Glass table tops are a beautiful way to make your table more durable. Making sure the shape of the glass aligns with the piece underneath will help prevent scratches, chips and other damage. We carry nearly every size and pattern you can imagine, so whether you need a circle, square or more abstract glass table top, we can create a piece that suits your needs.

The Thickness of Your Glass Table Top

The thickness of glass used in table tops is also up to your discretion. You might prefer the enhanced durability of a thicker material. Or, you might like the delicate look of a thinner piece of glass. People commonly choose either a ¼”, ⅜” or ½” thickness for custom glass table tops.

Golden Glass will work with you to create the perfect custom glass table top for your space. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, combining the resources of a large company with the personal attention of a small business. We’ll fabricate each custom piece in-house, ensuring timely delivery and expert installation. Call us today at (800) 644-5277 or contact us online to tell us how we can help with your next home renovation project.

What is the Best Thickness for Your Glass Shower Doors?

Installing glass shower doors transforms the look of a bathroom instantly. Whether you’re renovating your whole bath area or just upgrading your shower, replacing your shower curtain will change the look of your space dramatically. 

There are nearly endless options to choose from when it comes to glass shower enclosures. Knowing whether you prefer a framed, semi-framed or frameless style will help you choose the right glass thickness for your project.

Thinner Glass for Framed Glass Shower Doors

If you prefer the look of thinner glass, you’re likely to want a framed glass shower enclosure. A metal frame provides the structural support necessary to keep thin glass stable and protected. 

Thinner glass is beneficial because it’s more inexpensive and lighter than thicker styles. However, framed shower doors tend to look a little outdated. They’re also more challenging to keep clean and are more prone to soap and hard water stains.

Medium Glass for Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Looking for the best of both worlds? A semi-framed shower enclosure is your best choice. These styles look more modern than fully framed shower doors but have more structural support than frameless options.

As a result, glass of medium thickness is the best choice for these shower enclosure styles. They’ll be somewhat more lightweight than fully frameless glass shower doors but don’t look quite as modern or open.

Thicker Glass for Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless glass shower enclosures are one of the most popular upgrades for modern homes. Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, and the seamless look of a frameless shower can make your bath area appear much larger and more sophisticated.

Because they lack the structural support of a frame, these styles require thicker glass. At a minimum, frameless glass shower enclosures should have a ⅜ inch thickness. 

While more costly, upgrading to a frameless shower can considerably boost your home’s resale value. Bathrooms are a major deciding factor for buyers, and making these areas sleeker and more modern is a great way to raise your property value.

Golden Glass has transformed homes for decades with our stunning glass materials. We handle everything in-house, ensuring excellence at every stage, from fabrication to installation. Whether you need window repair, glass shower doors or a custom glass table top, we’ll create something beautiful for your home. Contact us online or give us a call at (800) 644-5277 and tell us about your next home renovation project.

Five Critical Reasons You Need Glass Replacement Services for Your Cracked Windows

No one sees home damage coming. Whether you experienced a break-in or your window was shattered by a rogue baseball, broken glass windows are a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Glass replacement services can often be performed the same day you contact your glasswork and glazing contractor. Here are the five most important reasons you make an appointment to fix a broken window as soon as possible.

Glass Replacement Services Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Cracked windows can make even the most beautiful, sophisticated home look run-down. Replacing your windows quickly is key to maintaining your curb appeal if your windows have been cracked or shattered. Fixing broken windows efficiently also prevents you from running into problems with your HOA or neighbors who’ve noticed the problem.

Keep Your Home Safe

Cracked glass is a major safety concern. Broken windows or glass patio doors make your home far more susceptibly to home invasions, which is why replacing them fast is key to preventing break-ins. 

Your family’s safety is a top priority, and the right contractor will be able to provide quick or even same-day glass replacement services to keep your home safe and secure.

Keep Your Heating and Cooling Costs Down

High-quality windows create a proper seal between the indoors and outdoors of your home. Proper insulation is the key to keeping your heating and cooling costs low, which is why broken windows can cause your utility bill to skyrocket.

Glass replacement services quickly prevent your energy expenses from increasing, saving you money in the long run.

Keep the Weather Out

In addition to a draft, broken windows let in dirt, dust and rain. All of these can cause significant home damage, which is why you shouldn’t put off glass replacement services.

Protect Your Interiors

Modern windows have UV resistance to help keep your home insulated and prevent your interior from fading. When your windows are broken, the direct sunlight can quickly fade your furniture and paint. 

Golden Glass is proud to provide efficient, high-quality glass replacement services. We’re committed to fixing your broken windows as quickly as possible to keep your home safe, secure and properly insulated. Our warehouse is reliably stocked with a range of beautiful, quality glass materials – you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. Call us today at (800) 644-5277 or fill out our online contact form today – we’d be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote.

Four Questions to Ask Before Installing Glass Shower Doors In Your Home

As overwhelming as they can be, home renovations are exciting. Giving your space a fresh look and feel should be a fun and relatively easy process.

Bathrooms have a few more spatial and plumbing limitations that can affect your renovations. However, installing glass shower doors is one of the most popular ways to transform a bath area – and it’s easy to see why. Glass shower enclosures open up your space, making it feel bigger, brighter and more sophisticated.

If you’re considering replacing your shower curtain with glass shower doors, here are the four things you need to ask yourself before deciding on a style!

What Style Should You Choose?

Not all shower doors are created equal. Some have sliding doors, and some pivot outward  – you can even choose between framed and frameless glass shower enclosures.

A skilled glasswork company will work with you to design and install the perfect glass shower doors for your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek, classic look or prefer to add a little privacy with frosted glass, the right contractor can help you bring your vision to life.

How Much Space Do You Have to Work With?

The placement of your shower and the size of your bathroom will impact the kind of glass shower doors you can have installed.

If your bathroom is smaller or your shower is in a corner, frameless glass shower doors are a great way to open up the room and make it feel bigger and brighter. 

Are There Any Important Features You’d Like?

Every homeowner has different needs and a different vision for their space. Researching different styles and features can help you get a clearer idea of what exactly you’d like your shower to look like. 

When working with your glasswork and glazing contractor, let them know about any special features you want included. A skilled contractor will be able to incorporate as many of these factors as possible and let you know if there are any spatial or structural limitations.

How Long Should You Expect Installation to Take?

Installation time will vary depending on several factors. The contractor you work with and the availability of materials can shorten or lengthen the process. Regardless, your contractor should provide you with an estimate for how long they expect your installation to take during your consultation. 

Golden Glass has a long-standing reputation for efficiency. We handle everything from fabrication to installation to ensure you’re never stuck waiting for custom pieces to arrive. Our warehouse is reliably stocked with a range of stunning glass styles so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your glass shower doors! 

We’d love to hear about your next project. Contact us online or give us a call at (800) 644-5277 for a complimentary quote. 

The Five Most Common Repairs Your Glass Shower Doors Can Need

Glass shower doors are a beautiful, low-maintenance upgrade to your home. High-quality glass shower doors are unlikely to suffer any significant problems or damage when properly installed.

However, glass shower doors can have some minor issues with regular use. Here’s our guide to taking care of them yourself – and when you should call a professional.

Sticky Glass Shower Doors

If your glass shower door is sticking, there are two main culprits: loose screws and soap scum.

If you can locate a loose screw and tighten it again, you can solve the problem in a few minutes.

If the buildup of scum looks like the issue, a deep clean should take care of it. Spray down your shower door with vinegar and dish detergent, and use a toothbrush or scraper to get into any hard-to-reach areas.

Glass Shower Door Won’t Stay Closed

When your glass shower door doesn’t stay closed, screws could also be to blame.

Check your hinges, latches and handles and then tighten any loose screws with a screwdriver. Didn’t find any? Give your hinges a good scrub with vinegar to loosen any scum that could be getting in the way.

Your Sliding Glass Shower Door Drags

Water buildup and debris can cause your sliding glass shower door to become unaligned with its track and start to drag.

Because repairing this problem involves taking the door off the track, it’s best to leave this to a professional.

Scratches on Glass Shower Doors

A skilled glass technician easily repairs scratched glass shower doors. Your contractor can buff out or fill in scratches during a brief appointment.

Leaks in Your Glass Shower Door

If your glass shower door is leaking, that points to a problem with the seal around the edges. Getting leaks taken care of by a professional promptly is key to preventing water damage on your floors and bathroom walls.

As Golden Glass, our glasswork and glazing contractors handle everything from fabrication to installation to ensure your glass shower enclosure has a flawless seal. Your home is important to us, and we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality glass materials. Renovations are an investment – choose the glasswork and glazing experts with a proven history of excellence. To get started on your next home project today, give us a call at (800) 644-5277 or contact us online today!

Three Glass Shower Door Options You Need For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are small spaces. Glass shower doors are one of the most popular ways to open up your bathroom – they just feel more sophisticated than shower curtains. 

It’s important to note that not all glass is created equally. When installing glass shower doors, here are three options to keep in mind so you can get the most out of your renovations.

Glass Shower Doors with Glass Surface Protection

Ever notice that water seems to “stick” to some glass surfaces but bead up on others?

While they may look similar, not all glass materials are made the same. If water is beading off of a shower door, that means it was made with glass surface protection. Similar to using Rain-X on your car’s windshield, adding glass surface protection to your shower enclosure stops water from penetrating the glass.

Glass shower doors with glass surface protection prevent spotting, which can be permanent – especially if you have hard water in your area. Opting for glass shower doors with glass surface protection is a great way to keep your shower clean and free from hard water damage.

Frameless Shower Doors

Installing a frameless shower door immediately makes your bathroom look more open and sleek. 

Our frameless shower doors are made with tempered glass, making them as durable as they are aesthetically beautiful. Because our team handles installation and fabrication, we’ll ensure a flawless seal, so you never have to worry about leaks. 

Investing in frameless shower doors is a surefire way to brighten up your spaces, add an element of sophistication and significantly boost your home’s resale value.

Privacy Glass Shower Doors

If you’ve yet to replace your shower curtain with glass shower doors due to privacy concerns, consider frosted glass.

This material gives you all the brightness and airiness of glass shower doors but obscures the view enough to add a layer of privacy to your bathroom. Obscured glass shower doors are perfect for busy families with kids who like to barge in unannounced.

Glass surfaces play a huge role in the aesthetics, safety and functionality of your home. Golden Glass prides itself on fabricating and installing the highest-quality glass to elevate your home’s appearance and value.  We know that home renovations can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Whether you’re deciding on the perfect glass shower enclosure or picking out double pane windows, our team at Golden Glass has the knowledge and expertise to transform your living areas. Give us a call at  (800) 644-5277 or contact us online to get started on your next project today. 


Four Reasons Your Deck or Patio Needs a Glass Handrail System

Whether you’re renovating an existing deck or patio or you just installed a new one, adding a handrail system is essential. Particularly if your household has children, pets or people with disabilities, this safety feature is non-negotiable for keeping everyone safe.

Many find themselves unsatisfied with the most common materials used in handrails; wood, for example, leads to splinters, and metal can look a bit too sterile. 

Glass handrails are the ideal way to create outdoor areas that are just as secure as they are beautiful. Because glass is so often overlooked when installing handrails, we’ve listed four of our favorite ways a glass handrail system can enhance your deck or patio.

Enhance the View From Your Deck 

Traditional handrail materials, like metal or wood, obstruct your view of the outdoors. Adding a safety feature shouldn’t take away from your view, whether your home overlooks the ocean, the mountains or you’re just trying to keep an eye on the kids.

Because they’re transparent, glass handrail systems give you a beautiful, unobstructed view of your backyard. 

Make Your Patio Feel Lighter and More Spacious 

Glass surfaces are a great way to make any space feel more open and airy, and that extends to your patio. Your deck should feel like a seamless transitionary area from the indoors to the outdoors, and glass handrails are a beautiful way to achieve that.

Add Safety and Privacy With Style

With modern tempered glass, it’s easy to see how glass can be a great material to add safety to your deck or patio.

But what about privacy? Let us explain.

Glass panels are incredibly customizable. Our glass handrail systems can be treated to create an opaque or obscured effect that creates privacy while still allowing the light in. This makes them the perfect solution for urban apartments or other housing areas where your neighbors are fairly close. 

Make Your Safety Features More Durable with Tempered Glass

When adding a safety feature like a handrail system, choosing a material that’s strong enough to break a fall is crucial. Our glass handrail systems are made with tempered glass, which is far more durable than other glass materials. 

Tempered glass is incredibly difficult to break. In the rare event that it does shatter, the tempered glass breaks into dull shards that are far less likely to cause injury. This makes it an ideal material for households concerned about installing glass surfaces where children or pets will play.

When renovating their outdoor spaces, too many homeowners feel they have to choose between beauty and function. Glass handrail systems are perfect for extending the sophisticated style of your home out onto your deck or patio. Golden Glass fabricates beautiful tempered glass materials that are ideal for adding safety and style simultaneously. We’d love to help you transform your home with Golden Glass – give us a call at (800) 64-GLASS or contact us online to get started on your next home renovation project today.

Three Signs That Tell You to Replace Your Windows With Double Pane Windows

Some things let you know exactly when they need to be replaced – like how your smoke detector makes that beeping sound to tell you it’s time to change the batteries. 

Windows aren’t so vocal. Unless the neighbors’ kid put a baseball through one of them, there’s no definitive answer for when it’s time to replace your windows.

However, your glass surfaces play a huge role in the security and comfortability of your home. Outdated, poorly-sealed windows will compromise your home’s insulation and make you more vulnerable to break-ins. 

To help you decide if it’s time to replace your windows, we’ve compiled a shortlist of ways to know it’s time to upgrade your home with energy-efficient double pane windows.

You’ve Noticed Your Energy Bill Going Up

The draftier your windows, the harder your HVAC system has to work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you’ve noticed your energy bill has been increasing, that’s a pretty good indicator that you could benefit from more energy-efficient windows.

Replacing older, outdated glass with newer windows will lower your utility costs significantly. In addition to our double pane windows, our replacement glass services ensure your new windows are high-quality and expertly sealed to improve the insulation in your home dramatically.

You Still Have Single Pane Windows

Older homes tend to still have single pane windows. If your home feels a little drafty, and you can’t pinpoint why, there’s a good chance single-pane windows are to blame.

Double pane windows are built with a buffer of air (usually argon gas) between two glass panes. Double pane windows create an airtight seal between the inside and the outside of your home when properly installed. The result is excellent insulation and much better control over your home’s indoor temperature – no more drafts!

Your Windows Aren’t As Secure as They Could Be

Outdated windows are a bigger deal than just the drafts they cause – they’re a security risk. Older single pane windows are easier to break. They also don’t usually have locks, which now come standard on most windows. 

Replacing older windows with double pane windows made from newer glass materials fortifies your home against break-ins. Many materials used in modern glass windows, such as tempered or acrylic glass, are far stronger than those found in outdated windows. This makes your home more secure and less vulnerable to theft.

Home renovations can be overwhelming. From knowing which materials to choose to finding the right installer, replacing your windows can be a huge hassle.

Golden Glass makes replacing your glass surfaces a breeze. From fabricating every window in-house to expertly installing them ourselves, we’ll make sure you have the best possible experience upgrading your home with double-pane windows.

For over 35 years, our expert team of glazing contractors has transformed homes across Southern California and beyond. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with a complimentary quote – simply call us today at (800) 64-GLASS or contact us online to get started. We’d love to help you with your next home renovation project

Four Ways Your Home Benefits From a Glass Handrail System

When you’re looking to install an important safety feature like handrails, you shouldn’t have to compromise the spacial aesthetics of your home. Glass is often thought of as a weaker material, so it’s usually overlooked when it comes to safety features.

Today’s modern, tempered glass is incredibly durable and low-maintenance, making it ideal for use in glass handrail systems. We’ve outlined four ways that glass handrail systems can elevate your home’s safety and design. 

1. Glass Handrail Systems Are Surprisingly Low Maintenance

If you’ve ever lived in a home with wooden handrails, you’ll know they’ll start to chip or fade with regular use. They’ll require repairs, staining or painting fairly regularly.

High-quality tempered glass materials are durable and easy to maintain. A quick once-over with soap and water is all you need to keep your glass handrail system sparkling.

2. They’re the Best Way to Keep Your Family Safe

We’ve all had a sibling (or maybe it was you) get their head stuck in between railings on a stairwell or playground. Installing wooden handrails puts your family at the same risk. 

Skip the call to the fire department and install glass handrail systems – made with no gaps to eliminate the worry of children or pets getting caught or falling through. 

Glass handrails are also far stronger than wooden materials, making it nearly impossible for children to break them and suffer a fall. Because glass doesn’t corrode in the same way as wood, this makes it a superior material for installing handrails in your outdoor areas as well.

3. They’re Incredibly Customizable

Our glazing contractors are proud to fabricate each piece in-house so we can customize a glass handrail system to your home’s unique needs and style. Regardless of the thickness, shape or design you envision for your space, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

Whether you’d like to let more light into your home with clear materials or add a bit of privacy with frosted glass, we’ll create and install the perfect glass handrail system for your home.

4. They Won’t Stick Out

You’ve spent time and money creating a sophisticated space that reflects your personal style. Why should a safety feature interfere with your home’s interior design?

Unlike traditional handrail materials like metal or chrome, glass handrail systems fit seamlessly into elegant home designs. They contribute beautifully to the spacial aesthetics of your home by allowing light to flow right through them.

Golden Glass is proud to fabricate and install custom glass handrail systems for every home.  Since 1984, our family-run business has been delivering on-time, high-quality glass products to Southern California and beyond. We’re proud to provide the cutting edge of glass materials to fortify your home. Call us today at (800) 64-GLASS or fill out our simple contact form and let us know how we can elevate your home with glass materials. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote for your next project.

What Are the Best Features of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows?

Your home is your most valuable asset – personally as well as financially. Investing in its comfortability and energy efficiency is one of the best decisions you can make. Better insulation not only benefits you and your family now but drastically raises the potential resale value of your home in the future. Whether you’re completing a total home renovation or simply looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills, finding replacement windows is the ideal place to start. We’ve broken down the top four qualities that make energy-efficient replacement windows an incredible way to improve your home’s insulation.


Modern Window Technology

Investing in energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to save money on your heating and cooling costs. The windows used in Golden Glass glass replacement services are made with cutting-edge technology that will dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your old single-pane windows don’t even come close to providing the energy savings that modern window technology permits. 

Modern energy-efficient windows use spacer systems, low-emissivity glass types and multiple panes of glass to create a perfect seal between the indoors and outdoors. Installing quality replacement windows ensures proper insulation and keeps your energy costs down.

A Smart Spacer System

Spacers are the brackets that hold the panels of your glass against the sash and the frame of your window. They’re critical to creating a proper seal – without spacers, cold or hot air from the outside can make it through your home.

The spacer system also prevents condensation from forming when an improper seal creates temperature changes inside the glass. Condensation can be detrimental, damaging the frame and any insulated coating. They’re an essential part of how modern energy-efficient windows keep your home insulated and comfortable.

Low-E Glass to Stop UV Rays

Low-emissivity glass (also referred to as Low-E glass) is made with an ultraviolet-resistant coating that traps sun rays before they can impact the temperature in your home. 

There are two types of coatings: passive, or “hard coating,” and solar control, or “soft coating.” 

Passive coats use a pyrolytic coating. The coating is heat-fused with the glass to create a bond between the two materials.

Low-E solar control coats are applied using a vacuum method resulting in far lower emissivity. This makes soft coats the ideal choice for high-performing, energy-efficient windows. 

Double and Triple Pane Glass to Prevent Energy Loss

Double pane windows improve your home’s insulation by creating a buffer of air between the two panes of glass. Double pane window installation creates a much better barrier, preventing energy loss and keeping your home’s indoor environment more regulated and comfortable.

Golden Glass has long led the industry in glass replacement services. Our team of glazing contractors will enhance your home’s energy efficiency with our beautiful, modern glass materials and expert glass installation services. 

Contact us today at (800) 64-GLASS or visit us online and let us know how we can improve your home with Golden Glass energy-efficient windows.